Sunday, January 11, 2015

 Part 1 - What kind of boots do you wear?


"Hey Spud. What'd ya do on your vaca?"

            "I did some backpacking."

"Really? Where'd ya go?"

            "I spent four days on the AT."

"Wow! How fardya hike?"

            "Oh, about 60 miles, give or take."


            "Yep, actually 3 days.  The first and last days were only half days."

"WOW!  What'd ya eat?"

            "Dehydrated food. Ramen, Backpackers Pantry, and some stuff I make myself."

"Man that's crazy.  I'd like ta do some hiking.  What kind of boots do you wear?"

There it is... I told ya they'd get around to it.

            "For this trip I wore my Montrails.  On other trips I wear one of my others."

"Others?  Do ya have more than one pair?"

            "Oh yeah, I've got six pairs of boots and trail shoes."

"SIX PAIRS!"  Why on earth do you need SIX PAIRS."

            "Because I have different shoes for different types of hiking."

"Isn't all hiking the same?"

            "Oh no.  Every hike is different.  The shoes I wear depends on several things."

"What kind of things?"

            " What did you ask me? - Where'd ya go?; How fardya go?...  Before every hike I   must ask myself the very same questions, and choose the appropriate shoe for my journey.

"That doesn't make any sense."

            "Sure it does.  Is one type of ball used for all sports?  Better yet, is there only one   style of cleats for baseball, football, soccer, and track?  Absolutely not.  They are all different."

"But hiking's nothing like football."

            "You are correct.  Hiking is actually more like religion than football."

"Spud... You've lost your ever loving mind.  Hiking and Religion.  They are NOWHERE near the same."

            "No?   I think they are. Ya wanna know why?"




Hiking is a journey.  Just like religion. 

When I go on a hike, I have a destination in mind.  Just like religion.
My goal for any hike is not just to finish the hike, but to enjoy the journey. Just like religion.

My final destination is always at the end of my hike, as heaven is at the end of my life.

My goal on any hike is to enjoy the hike, to enjoy the adventures along the trail, to experience nature in first person, to spend time with God, and to enjoy His paradise.

Just like religion.

I want to enjoy life, enjoy life's many adventures, experience the world in first person, spend time with God, and enjoy the reward of His paradise.

Do you see the connection?  Let me paint you a picture.

I have six pairs of shoes that I use for different types of hiking. 

I have extremely tough boots, with steel shanks, for those hikes in the mountains where I know the terrain is rocky and rough, there are many hills and valleys, the trail is extremely hard on my feet, and the weight of my pack is heavy.

I have boots for those hikes that require extra support, where the trail is hard on my feet, and extra support is needed.

I have boots and trail shoes for flatter hikes and lighter packs and for shorter distances and speed.

I have toe shoes for day hikes on easy terrain, and I go barefoot on the beach.

My shoes are my tools for my hiking.  Just as the Bible and my prayers are both tools for my faith, (religion). 

There are verses and prayers for really extreme circumstances, when I am carrying a heavy burden.  There are verses and prayers for those times when I need the extra support.  There are verses and prayers for bad days to keep me going.  There are verses and prayers that I use for those days when life is good  There are even days where there is no real need for verses or prayers.  It's on those days that I can walk barefoot through life and praise God for all His Glory.

My boots assist me on my hike, as my Bible assists me in my walk with Christ.

So that brings me back to your original question? 

What kind of boots do I wear?

The boot that fits my circumstance and fulfills my needs.
The boot that protects me.
The boot that keeps me from falling.
The boot that will get me to the end of my journey.

Just like religion.  

My Bible is the tool I use to assist me in my walk.  It is my Faith that keeps me going.


What kind of boots do YOU wear?


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Unknown said...

Inspiring and thought provoking. Hiking is not my path, but as you said, there are many types of paths.