Monday, January 05, 2015

Two Questions - (A Sneak Preview)

When people learn that I am a backpacker.  Almost all ask the same questions.  There are two questions in particular that I ALWAYS get asked by newbie's and old friends alike.

#1 - What kind of boots do you wear?
Where do you go?
How far do you hike?
How long does THAT take you?
What do you eat?

Then when they find out that I am a Solo Hiker, the flood gates open, and without fail I get...

#2 - OMG!  Aren't you afraid?
Do you carry a gun?
Don't you get lonely?
What happens if you get hurt?
And on and on and on...

#1 - What kind of boots do you wear?
#2 - OMG!  Aren't you afraid?

My answers to these two questions always begin the same, but most times end very different. I answer these two questions with questions pointed back.  Their answers to my questions eventually allow me to give them an answer, but not necessarily the answer they were expecting or wanted to hear. 

These two questions give me the opportunity to find out a little about my audience on a personal level, and if circumstances allow, where they happen to be on their spiritual journey.

Over the next week I will post my answers to these two questions.  I will post them individually to give you a chance to absorb question #1, before I post #2. 

Ponder these two questions for a few days.  You may be surprised what you come up with on your own.  You may even decide to take up hiking so that you may experience the enlightenment yourself.


1 comment:

Russell McLachlan said...

1. broken in; leather.
2. No.

What else to say? ok, I'll wait and see...