Saturday, May 02, 2015

Finding Peace in a Cigar Box

I apologize for being out of touch for the past few months.  I have been working waaaay to hard and not playing enough.  Continue reading and you will understand why.

1.       We are going through a reorganization at work.  Any of you who have ever been through this understand why I have been so busy.  This has taken a HUGE amount of my time. 

2.       I have also been teaching an Instrumentation and Controls class the past two months.  Luckily, it is only 8 weeks out of the year, so I am DONE until next Spring.

3.       Baseball season began in February, (although it never really ends).  My son plays on a Pony League Team, AND an Elite baseball Team on the weekends.  This means 4-6 games a week, unless there is a tournament, then it is more.

4.       The weather has been horrible.  Typically, January through March is the rainy season in SW Virginia.  This year was no exception.  April  brings it's cold and sunny weekdays, and Hot and rainy weekends.  Welcome to Virginia right?  I may thaw out, and dry out by June.

Instead of writing the past few month, I have taken my frustrations out in my wood shop making piles and piles of sawdust.  I've been trying to focus all the bad energy from item#1 above to something good.  I succeeded.  The photos at the end are proof of my success and demonstrate my humble attempt at making musical instruments on the cheap, without spending a lot of money. They actually sound pretty good.  They are not of Stradivarius quality, but they are good enough to bang out some old Mississippi Blues and Rock and Roll tunes.

They are called Cigar Box Guitars or C.B.G.'s.  I built them out of a few cigar boxes and whatever wood and hardware I had on hand.  I did purchase some very inexpensive guitar parts.  These are very easy to make AFTER you make a couple.

Give it a try some time.  You will be surprised.

Google or Youtube "CBG".  You will figure it out.

I have no sermon today, but I will leave you with this.

 I believe if we focus on what is good and true, the negative just becomes background noise.  And if the background noise begins to overwhelm you, just crank up the amp on the good stuff.


Acoustic 3 String Fret-less CBG
Electric 3 String Fret-less CBG w/Fender Strat Headstock

Electric 4 String Fret-less CBG w/Redwood Fret board
Electric 4 String Fretted CBG w/Redwood Fret board
The Gangs all here! with #5 Neck on the right

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shamedog99 said...

Very nice work there, Spud! Miss seeing you guys at the field.